Saturday, September 26, 2009

Will I Like Being Dead?

Deal, Stranger!

Sometimes I wonder if I'd like being dead.
After all, I suppose that we'll all someday have to.
I often speculate that I will--
No more responsibility, you know,
And no more work!--nonetheless,
I remain uncertain about the comforts of hell
And the pains of physical passing
That may or may not be a big deal.


  1. I have similar thoughts (as infrequently as I can manage).....about my own death, I hasten to add, not about yours. Maybe as Tom Lehrer used to sing

    "We'll all go together when we go...."

    Although that'd be a truly dreadful scenario, at least we'd feel we'd not be missing anything.

  2. And we wouldn't have to think whether anyone was going to miss us?


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