Sunday, July 05, 2009

Wind Me Up

I tried Facebook starting a few days ago. I am already bored with it, though. It's like a wind-up toy that can't be wound.


  1. Guess I got off lightly on that one, or else everyone agreed with me (not likely)!

  2. I deactivated my account at Facebook, Ron - before it even got underway. I re-activated it in order to read something on another entry, but deactivated again at once.

    I find it all a bit creepy - not quite sure why - gut feeling!

    I'm playing around on Twitter, just to keep from getting too far beyond the pale cyber-wise. ;-)

  3. I already threw my hat down and kicked Twitter all the way to Shitbird Heaven. I think of doing so with Facebook every 30 minutes or so. I think I started out wanting new people to feed to the furnaces at TRS here, but all the new people offering themselves up didn't really seem to know they were doing so. There's an automation going on that slowly offers me all the FB contacts of whoever I make a FB contact. If any of them ever sent a note shortly after, I'd believe that there were real persons and actual intent behind all those "friend" offers, but I only percieve the automation. It doesn't matter whether I quit today, tomorrow, or next week--if there's any contamination involved, I've already been contaminated.

    p.s. Even though you know I'm not an astrology fan, I still think your blog is one of the most lively and thought-provoking ones that I find lately. Even if you believe in mud huts and wooden heads, you are very clever about it and make some interesting posts. Hmm. When I'm not feeling lazy, I'll have to say that in an actual post, won't I?


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