Friday, July 24, 2009

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Professor Against Policeman

I am as disgusted as most people, though more amused, at the Gates arrest by the Cambridge policeman. I suppose it's possible that both men are Perfect and neither one would try to fuck anybody up, but I doubt it. I get this impression, though--not a pleasant one--that the cop is declaring that he can't be pushed around. I keep wondering what exactly one has to do to qualify as "disorderly conduct" in Cambridge. I have always heard that police are trained to take a lot of verbal abuse as a matter of course and I have seen various state highway patrolmen on various "reality" tv shows take an exceeding amount of abuse from drivers. Maybe the cops on TV don't act "normal" because they know the dashboard camera is capturing it all. But I've heard abuse from drivers where I WISHED the cop would beat the sob senseless--but he didn't.

So did Professor Gates tell him to "bring your mama here and I'll let her bite my dick again"? At any rate, there were only two morons involved until President Obama gave an opinion. Reminds me of President Nixon declaring Charles Manson guilty when the famous murder trial was still going on and how gleeful Manson was about displaying the newspaper headline. Presidents, like regular people, just can't hold their tongue.

My last thought on the cop is that I recall incidents in my work career where I chose to apologize to other employees and pretend to have been in the wrong just to make the flareup less explosive; it worked, too. What's wrong with defusing things? I'm not sure I'd trust a cop who can't stand to back down or to kiss a little ass and get it over with--let all this stupid shit fly past him. Too late now, I suppose. Everybody's union is involved now. It's "my Perfect Professor" vs. "your Perfect Policeman". My ass it is! Is it a laugh riot or a race riot? I can't tell.

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