Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Nothing Lasts Forever--Alas, Poor Pandora!

Pandora has announced the end of its free music listening. Now freeloaders like me are allowed to listen for 40 hours a month for free, but after that it'd cost 99 cents for the rest of the month. They have some other deal where I'd pay $36 for the year, but I am happy with my freeloader status. I doubt I'll ever pay them 99 cents. It was pleasant background music while I surfed other sites, but so is the radio or the CD player. If the limit was 40 hours a week instead of per month, I doubt I'd even be influenced to think about it. Supposedly, only ten per cent of the listeners were sailing along for free as I was doing, so I guess most people wanted More More More even if they had to pay more!

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