Saturday, July 18, 2009

Lasting Entertainment

Thanks for Coming, You Few!

Although there are others who have always used Bloglines or some other Reader to keep up with this blog, there are only 3 who are "officially" on the Follower list. I don't use the Follower gadget because I loathe the interfering son of a bitch. I guess I'm too anti-social, as usual. I also recently signed up for Twitter, then Facebook, and almost immediately cancelled them. I admit I may be too picky, but I got too used to controlling a large part of things on this blog, and I prefer to keep my Internet activities under the same control, whether that is necessary or not!

I intend any rudeness for those programs, not for my 3 Followers. If you sense any Universal rudeness, you may be right--I've been a bastard for a long time. Ask anybody who has been reading this blog for a while!

Until Blogger significantly changes the format, I plan to just last and last, even if I continue to grow less popular rather than more popular. I plan to outlast the Universe! If only by a minute... You'll have to last one second longer than the universe or me in order to see how things turns out. I hope you are well entertained and distracted by it, whichever way it goes!


  1. I don't know if I'm a follower or not - I didn't sign up - or did I? I used to be on your Google list but you don't do that now. I don't know how the following stuff works - I have 2 or maybe 3 Blogger followers and I've never even bothered to look to see who they are. LOL! If people want to read they read, if not they don't. Simple as that. I don't get on well with the Pied Piper mentality. I think we have that in common. ;-) I will bypass the dreaded Blogger Dog Cyber-Cerberus with Firefox to get here now and then.
    If I forget it's through laziness.

    Love the Frost poem above by the way - too lazy to go to two comment thingies - which are a pain in the ass. ;-)

  2. You and Nobius (who also commented about the pooem) are both still on my "Intelligent Blog" list in the sidebar, the only list I keep these days. Yes, I despise the Pied Piper aspect of it all also! I don't see much proof that all these "friends" or "followers" are actually reading my posts. I have never "counted" anyone as a reader unless they sometimes left a comment for me. Some people will say they aren't "imaginative" enough to comment on every post, but they should be able to manage one comment for the entire damn blog, shouldn't they? In the old days, that was how things transpired, but the followers share their picture and little else. Not their fault, but not mine either!!!

    p.s. I wish I could goose you--I wouldn't use a goose or a gun for the job!


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