Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Grave Mullahs and Great Grand Poobahs

If all the greats of Iran woke up dead tomorrow morning, the survivors still wouldn't blame a just God, they'd blame the CIA. I don't know if that's because they don't believe deeply enough in Allah or because they believe too much in the secret powers of the United States!

The funniest part of it to me is that they would not even see the humor in it. God has truly abandoned them!

[If the same thing happened to America's leaders, neither Muslims nor God would get the credit--we'd blame the FDA, whether it was their fault or not!]


  1. God, if he/she exists outside of imagination, will have better things to do than to watch over idiotic Iranians or Americans. He/she will be in outlying star systems sorting out emerging new species. :-)

    There was one brilliant Iranian (Persian as was) - Omar Khayyam. There were others in those days too. Persia/Iran wore out its 15 centuries of we shall soon have done ourselves. ;-)

  2. Iran, like most countries, has a great past it can refer others to, but very little good to report about any of the "others". We are all the same hateful bastards.

  3. Who is that person? I have a new book by God's Balls Publishers) called "The 100 Trillion Most Important People In The World", but I cannot find that name.


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