Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Light

Our Mistake

If you hold me up to the light
You'll see right through,
And we'll be done,
I'll wait awhile,
But likely that is what you've already done.

I might say I hope you're not done
And I hope you're not dead,
But do I hope for more and do you?
Such things may remain forever unclear
While we each wish we could have done less or more.


  1. I'm not "adandom"ing anything, and I'm not dead yet, either, though the Pacific Northwest's Texas-style heat and humidity is making me wonder at what age us old folks have to worry about heat waves.

  2. I replied to your comment, but I guess Blogger abandoned it because it isn't showing. Nonetheless, the correct spelling does show already. It's all better than if my arms and legs were falling off without warning.

  3. The "missing" comment notified you that air-conditioning was King in Texas, more important than Christianity AND the Beatles. We could as well get along wihout oil and the goddamn oil millionaires!

  4. I reckon this poem is you at your best, Ron. Sparse, interesting, artistic, clever. :-)

  5. That's good, sweet heart, but I was expecting that most people would just get "lost" in it's vagueness, even as brief as it is.

    p.s. If you ever clone yourself, send me one (smirk).


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