Friday, July 03, 2009

The Empty Bird Feeder

I cannot remark upon my life these days
Without condemning it—
I know that; it can't be done.
I have, for instance, an empty bird feeder on a pole nearby
That I can see from this side of the storm door
And black oil sunflower seeds stored carefully in the garage,
But I only sometimes remember to see to it—
I think I just get tired
Of always feeding the bandit squirrels
Along with the birds.
Then, too, the big roll-up door is the only entry and
It's so much heavier for me than it used to be.

I make plans at times,
Whether about the feeder or
About sending mail or rearranging an overcrowded closet,
But nothing usually happens except to change the plans.
Is the insurance in force or not, I wonder?
I do let it go sometimes, along with other things.
Will the air-conditioner fail one day for real
And force us out of the house
And into other dreaded rooms?
Possibly I've been reading too much Robert Frost.

Everyone needs something, including
A certain amount of air to breathe and so forth.
I am used to living in effect alone,
Whether it is good for me or not.
Most people need more air-conditioning
And more air than I do these days,
Though I still need space.
I spent all last winter with frozen hands—
The doorknobs were like ice!—
It was horrific,
But I still must live in the world,
Come what may, until the plans change.


  1. That's a melancholy piece, Ron. i can relate to some parts - bandit squirrels, overcrowded closet which needs a good sort-out, plans made and changed.

    But it's 4th July today - we are expected to celebrate - so sending a big hug across the state to ya! We shan't do much, apart from hanging out the flag, and maybe watch fireworks tonight, from a distance.

  2. I'm a dangerous man. Or maybe just disloyal. At any rate, hanging out the laundry never appeals to me. Any time that I see Patriotism in anyone is generally the moment that I feel least so myself.

  3. The flag goes out only 2 days a year - 4 July and Thanksgiving - just to show willing. I used to fly the Earth Flag permanently, but storms kept ripping 'em up, became expensive! When Obama became Prez I felt confident something would be done on climate change and stopped buying new ones to fly.


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