Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Years Ago

I remember years ago when my friend J. advised me how much better (or easier) things would get if I could get online, at least for email. My friend's thinking was based on how few people had time any more for writing traditional letters. Email was going to relieve us all, was the thinking, of feeling compelled to write long or seriously or well. We could just dump it out there in short messy messages, a little at a time, every passing day!

I guess that's what we did. But now how often do you even get emails?

Blogs came along and sucked away the time and energy for some email writers. And now Twitter and all the cell phones are reducing us to smaller and smaller sound bytes! We will soon be reduced to cavemen, capable of only grunts and groans at electronic speed. And then what will all this technology and blabber have been for?


  1. I do not get Twitter...however, I do enjoy Facebook.

  2. That shit'll suck your face off, boy. OFF.

  3. I see your point, Ron.
    But actually, I do still get emails, (because I insist that the people I correspond with send me email if they want to reach me). I don't Twitter much, or use IRC for correspondence.
    Email, if used wisely, is actually probably the best, most efficient means of communication ever devised. However, it is a poor choice for any kind of emotional communication. It's too cold and clinical for that. But for everything else, it can't be beat, in my opinion.

  4. Well, I used to use and very much enjoy snail mail, but I have no notion of going back that far! At that time, I was almost the last of the letter-writers among my friends, and nowadays I'm as bad as the rest. I want to pay with pennies and get dollars in return. Sure, I get some emails, but I don't much count the Forwarded messages and the links I am sent. Informing me of the latest TV, movie, or musical senation rates down there with the mollusks and pillbugs in my book. We are de-evolving!

  5. That's so true. I used to exchange chatty emails with a lot of friends. We rarely do that anymore. And phone calls? Forget it - everyone's too busy.

  6. i CONCLUDE that everyone's figured out that I don't have anything new or very entertaining to add to the conversation...


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