Monday, June 22, 2009


Everybody Wants to be Your Everything

I was using the Google search page for my home page, but suddenly all those distant rumors of "igoogle" I'd been hearing came home to roost. I hadn't known what people were babbling about, but since I didn't seem to need to know, I just didn't think about it. Suddenly my home page was "igoogle" with it's passel of add-ons and add-ins and it's "fill up the page" peeks into the goddamn fucking Universe that I didn't ask for!

I know what it is. It's the goddamn CNN school of HOW MUCH CAN I FUCK WITH YOU? where they pile on more and more explanatory text until you can't even see what is transpiring on the fucking TV screen! CNN never made any sense to me with their goddamn Font Machine and I'd like to burn them at the stake. Now I'd like to use all versions of igoogle as the firewood!

I did finally figure out how to push my Home page back to the Google search page ONLY, but I'm not sure how long that'll last. It may be an uphill struggle to keep it like that if igoogle thinks so much of itself. I may keep using it for some time to come, but if I find anything I only like AS WELL, I'll leave them--though I can only pray or dream that it would ever harm them.

I guess that Google has become what Microsoft has long been--which is to say, so goddamn Huge that they are Hugely egotistical and equally detestable.

Guess I better start looking around for another Home.


  1. I read thru Google feeder so I prefer iGoogle. And since my hands are numb and I didn't get a new calender so I find the to-do list a must have. And everyone out here speaks Spanish so I use the Spanish to English translator a lot.

  2. Even if I was a guest in your home, I wouldn't appreciate your selecting what and how large a portion of everything to put on my plate. A Host should say what he has to offer and step back, not shove his favorite crap down everyone's throat!

  3. I have my home page set to "blank." It opens the browser and then I can go straight to whatever site I want at the moment.

  4. I think I just liked the artfully changing logo for Google, but igoogle sure wasn't very pretty. I may just make The Rat Squeaks my Home page--after all, it IS!


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