Wednesday, June 03, 2009

A Blogger Dies

Notes about Maya's Granny

I hadn't read the posts at this blog for a couple of years, I guess, but I was reminded of it by the "intelligent blog" post I just made and so I clicked that label to see where else I'd bestowed that debatable honor. Mostly, I remembered them all and have seen those blogs lately, but I was horrified to find that this lady had died and her daughter had finished it up with a final post that was very touching. I'd never gotten close to that lady, but I had admired her writing and her stories about her life. I can't claim to have been a friend, only an admirer.

I don't recall if I commented on her blog or not, though it is my habit to do so--therefore, it is likely. Nonetheless, that memory is gone, has escaped me. Still, it seemed very sad to hear of her death and to learn that she was younger than I'd thought. Not that her age should matter, though it makes me feel like I wasn't really paying attention to the details back when I did read her blog on a frequent basis. I'm sorry, but it's really too late for that.

What I recommended back then was this very nice post by Maya's Granny.

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  1. A very nice post can be nice every now and then.


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