Friday, June 12, 2009

Crooks Are Everywhere

Selling Shit for Peanut Butter

All businesses and service companies operate like that. I think they are now all run by the mafia--the New Mafia, the one that's not any kind of ethnic, just capitalist pigs who took it to the next level. They do slouchy work, leave dead bodies behind, and try to charge you 4 times for work done badly or not at all. They are in the exclusive business of ripping us off--no products, no service, just Theft Inc. At one time, this country was worth pissing on if it was on fire, but... Things have changed. And the FBI can't save us from that.

Maybe we should just let California burn to the ground. If they survive the fires, they'll just need that much more bailout money, won't they?


  1. We're a shitty state, but at least I know it!

  2. We all know it (about ourselves) and it's not doing us much good. Texas officials confiscate the drug money from criminals so that they can steal it and spend it on trips to Hawaii. At least some of the dopers would have had the good grace to OD and die and get off the government dole, but the district attorneys and local-cluck sheriffs just keep on keepin' on like a bunch of slimey leeches.


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