Friday, June 19, 2009


Gotta Go!

I am so weary. Time goes by and I can't stick to anything and nothing sticks to me. The Internet started as somewhere I could make friends with people I've never met. Now, of course, I've had the time to realize that it works as well to make enemies there. Not to mention the majority item, just growing indifferent there!

In the physical world, all things continue to seem like Heavy Lifting. Earlier today, I was going to trim some branches that overhang a new bird feeder I bought, but I could not stand straight and look upward long enough to do the job. I managed one cut, in too low a location, and was in constant danger of losing my grip on the heavy loppers and letting them fall straight down on my face. I was in such a rush to put them down, I think I even forgot to pick up that one branch that I'd cut

I have determined that I will abandon the Blogger Help Group that I've spent so much time on the past few years. They decided to relocate the forum and to change it in too many ways to suit me. They may have made it better, but I'm too out of sorts for the changes. They also succeeded in jarring me into a full recognition that I haven't given a damn about it in quite a while. One might say it became the biggest part of my identity at one time since I spent so much time on it, but it's not a place where respect or honor accrues. Most of the users are just passing through, so one is dealing with a new and clueless audience every 5 or 10 minutes. The probability is growing that I'll also retire from any further updates or new posts on "Most Frequent Blogger Questions". As is usual for me, I learned a lot about something esoteric and relatively useless--something that most people don't even know exists.

But I am just physically tired and may as well quit just in case some day I need the time and energy to do something else. I used to say, especially when I worked for a living, that I had a "five year attention span"--I'd always change jobs or shift position within a job as if on a schedule. Maybe this is just the latest span reaching it's end. But what if it's the end of The End? I have no other interests at present. I don't even want to buy anything. I've decided that I could afford to splurge on something just now, yet nothing is attractive enough. Whatever it is that I want, I don't want it very much.


  1. It is hard to keep up on these things, especially if there's little positive reinforcement. I do some volunteer work regularly, but I've put strict limits on it.

    Blogging seems to have passed its prime, too. Many of my old blogging friends are off to Facebook or Twitter, and there's been a sudden downturn on visitors to my site.

    If I wasn't doing it for myself, I doubt that I'd still be blogging.

  2. Yeah, I guess I'll just keep up a little with this blog, even if for myself.

    I like to practice the moves.

    I tried Twitter for 2 or 3 days, but as far as I could tell while I was attempting to be active, I was not drawing the attention of either old friends or new ones. Being a person of bad temper and small tolerance, I decided "Fuck it!"

    If I'd been a serial killer ("Ted Bundy"?), I'd probably still be cruising and Tweeting.

  3. HEY! I respect you, you've saved my butt a million times. I'm just glad I have your email.

    I'm so over my own blog....

  4. So we go. Too bad I didn't get to play Bumper Cars with you, though!


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