Monday, June 01, 2009

Email Icon

After all this time of wondering about my "missing" email icon (envelope), now that I have it on each post, I see that it's pretty worthless. Oh yes, it sends a goddamn link for that post to one person at a time, but that's all. I already knew how to do that. I guess I'm missing the point that the icon is for my readers to use to send an email to a third party, but only the very newest of bloggers would not already know how to do that. And the icon does not make it any faster, at least not to anyone like me who keeps multiple windows open (my gmail is always in another window when my blogs are open). And there is no option to send the full post or a partial post--it ONLY sends the link! I don't find that very attractive, but I guess some of my readers may like it. How would I ever know?

I think it's just one more toy to be added to an absolutely unnecessary arsenal of toys!

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