Sunday, June 21, 2009

After The Viruses

An Update

Since I let the computer system do a "PC Recovery" the other day, I have spent endless days setting things back to rights. I haven't had time to see if ALL the folders and files are all right, although they do all seem to still be present. System files and all the "shortcuts" were replaced, by something in the first case and by Nothing in the second case. I guess everything was set back to the default and I'd forgotten entirely that some of these damn settings even existed! The computer went from Dead to Alive, so I guess I won't complain too much just yet about how far from normal it is. There's a growing list of things in the back of my mind that I'm wondering "Does That still work and does This still work? And so on. I'm not very fast. I guess it's like when you move from one house to another. Even when you know everything SHOULD be there somewhere in all those boxes you packed, you don't believe it until you see it. Shitfire!

p.s. After the computer's return to life, AVG and Trend Micro both at first found more viruses, Trojans, etc., but two days after the Horrible Event, the only further things found have been "tracking cookies", which is at least a lower level of panic than 40 listings of "Infection"!

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