Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Never Say Die!

The Kennedys Go On

I didn't watch Ted Kennedy's appearance at the Democratic Convention, but I'm sorry I didn't. I notice on the Internet his relatives are all saying how "unbelievably well" he's doing despite his medical treatments for brain cancer. I hope that estimate is all true, but you know, that's just what the Kennedy family is always like. If the assassinated President Kennedy had lasted a couple of days instead of mere hours, they would all have been putting a positive spin on the worst possible scenario.

I don't accuse them of any dishonesty, I just say they possess a family trait that is no more familiar to me than if it was the behavior of just-arrived Martians. Someone in my family always says, "How can we go on without him (or her)?" The Kennedys never say "Die," no matter how many of them have died, no matter how tragically or how publicly.

The love of God, country, and family aside, I would guess that they most believe in just plain True Grit.

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