Saturday, August 30, 2008

Hurricane Gustav

I got some invite from someone about Twitter. I don't know what Twitter is, don't know what they "do so well" that they themselves brag on without surcease, and I don't want to know what or who they are. I was more concerned to hear that Shelfari has been bought up by Amazon! But that too pales beside the impending Hurricane Gustav! Shit, I gotta get out of here! Evacuation is likely to be mandatory by tomorrow morning.

Hope Gustav zooms through fast and we can come back soon, though I packed four changes of clothes in addition to the clothes I have on. I'm even taking an extra hat--cheap one, of course--so I can protect the good one, I wont mind if the $3 one blows off my head and down the street and never returns. The good hat's fine in slight rain, but I don't want it getting soaked!

I can't believe I packed up so much stuff when I distrust the Experts. At this point they don't know where it's hitting, they just wave their arm in a wide arc and say "Somewhere thar!" Real bunch of scientists. Anyone can understand evacuating New Orleans, but places as inland as my town shouldn't have to panic with so little factual input! But, maybe I'm wrong to grump. I wasn't wrong before (Hurricane Rita) when I wanted to get the fuck out of town. But that just confuses me. It was a different storm, different year. We'd gone for decades around here before Rita came along and stomped on us and smeared our lives across Southeast Texas like we were all cocoroachs. Now, I guess we're paranoid, but with good cause!


  1. Good luck, Ron. I hope it misses you completely.

  2. I don't get the Twitter thing either. One registration I have not done. However, I have come to appreciate the notices. It's better than a regular feed. I wish to goodness I knew who all got my feed. With Twitter, I can know.

  3. Hope you don't get too much bad weather from Gustav. Keep us posted!

  4. It did miss me completely, except all the hell of getting ready to go, going, coming back, all in a froth. The storm itself hit nowhere near me, though. Bullet would have been cheaper.

    Cricket: oh, really?

    rhodent: There's plenty more out there for you and me, though we can hope not! Wish it on someone else!


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