Friday, December 14, 2007

A Rumination In Progress

I've been leaf-blowing and raking leaves and I'm exhausted. I'd hate to estimate the time because it seemed so long to me and the clock would probably disagree! So I'm resting here, regardless of reality. I know reality; it beat me up last week.

I'd like to take a nap, but I slept late, so I'd have very little excuse if I did. I can't even wish for someone to talk to for distraction; I have a slight sore throat at present and occasionally can barely get my voice to start. Very weird. I used to know people at work (correction, just Diane T.) who'd come to work with the most awful sounding raspy voice and say she was okay, it was just her voice. I never had anything like that and thought she was just being brave so she didn't have to miss work. Now I see what she meant.

Twice lately, I've had the fragments of a poem occur to me after I'd turned out the light and covered up in bed. Then I just laid there, too tired or too warm to get up and make some quick notes. I have notebooks and paper all over the place, but I guess it's not convenient enough. Professional Scuba divers have special notebooks that will write under water, so I guess I need some special thing that will float over to me like Samantha's bewitched items when I'm in need of being creative in bed! Anyway, as usual, I DID NOT wake up the next morning with a memory of what things were wishing to be born the night before. My brain was blank--just start over, I guess--if anything would start!


  1. Old age is the new tabla rasa? Who knew?

    Like the Samantha and floating imagery. It almost seemed more Jeanne to me. (Ha, to get the old debate stirred!)

  2. Maybe you could keep a notebook tucked in your pillow or wedged under your mattress.

  3. And a pencil in my ear?

    This old slate's been written on too many times ahread, I wyould guess. And my typing skills are deteriorating at a rapid rate...

  4. Bingo! On two counts - the sore throat and the thinking of stuff to write when lying in bed, then forgetting it all the next day.

    Occasionally though I'll think of an improvement for something I have in draft form - swapping paras or adding graphics etc. I do usually manage to remember that much.

    I think we tap into a nice seam of intelligence/creativity during the half aslep half awake state. It's a shame it's not more easily accessible.

    Hope the throat soon clears (for you and me both). :-)

  5. Your husband dead yet? Not that I wish harm to the poor man, I'm just keeping track of you. If he passes on, I can move in. The ultimate evil. I'm tired. I really am.

  6. Awwww - it's the weather, and dark days Ron. Don't know about Texas but Oklahoma is cold as a mother-in-law's breath just now.

    Yep, he's alive and kickin' last time I!


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