Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Poll Trends

Glancing at my results so far in the two polls I have up in MFBQ (my Help blog), it would seem that I have an approximate 25% negative vote in both of them. Neither one has been up very long (I mean to leave them going for a year total), so I'm just noting the trend so far. Larger numbers of visitors may or may not change the poll numbers. It kinda bums me out so far, but one must be tolerant of all feedback; one shouldn't take one's poll and go home! So I'll hang on. (It's not like it's very difficult!)

Wack!!! I note that the counter zoomed past 50 thousand and I didn't even note it! I knew it was coming, but didn't look when the speedometer turned over! God, I just have no concentration!

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