Saturday, December 08, 2007

Black Shirt, Trim Hat


  1. Black shirt, trim hat,
    I dont worry coz my wallets fat.
    Black shades, white gloves,
    Lookin sharp and lookin for love.
    They come runnin just as fast as they can
    Coz every girl grazy bout a sharp dressed man.

    Figured you had written a new verse to "Sharp Dressed Man!"

    I like the one without the nerd glasses!

  2. If that ain't enough, how'd you like the WHITE version of that black shirt?! It's dizzying. Haven't owned one since Sunday School days. But those had buttons, not snaps!

    The nerd glasses are the ones I wear at the computer, no where else. So I guess I like to hide behind them, I've grown to accustomed to them being on my face. For that matter, it's hard to remember to remove my hat. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. If I don't lay it down, I don't have to remember where it is. Same problem (only worse) with my walking stick. The cane, if it does not immediately fall flat to the lowest position on the floor, will soon be forgotten.

    WHERE THE FUCK IS IT?! I'll wonder.


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