Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I Want To Hold Her Hand!

Petula Clark?!

On Pandora Internet radio just now, Petula Clark was singing the Beatles' song, "I Want To Hold Your Hand", which (if not funny) is kind of poetic payback, I would think. It was the Beatles and other dopers of the time that pushed Petula's more middle-of-the-road music aside back then. I liked her songs well enough at the time, but I was part of the crowd, I turned aside from her and listened to the new rave stuff! I think it was probably not until sometime in the eighties that I saw her costar with Peter O'Toole in a 1969 remake of "Goodbye Mr. Chips" and I fell in love with her. From then on, I always paused if I heard of or saw her anywhere and tried to think good thoughts toward her to make up for the shifty attention I've given her earlier in life. I was old enough that it was probably no longer just sex. And she was old enough by then that I'm sure she didn't worry about it at all. I hope Peter O'Toole was polite to her. It would really fuck up my high opinion of his drunken ass if I found out otherwise! So, watch it, Peter! Guess it doesn't matter much, does it?

I find it curious that she recorded it 1965. Surely that was far too soon after the Beatles' version, too deep in the belly of the beast! Maybe she had loyal fans that bought it anyway. I'm not going to check into it, unless Twilight comes around and tells me about it. I'm just glad to see she survived, even if I don't much see her. It's funny sometimes how people can desperately desire to tell some famous person how attractive they are. I guess it's a form of lust, really, and therefore not fit subject of conversation. Whoever had a name like Petula, anyway? I never knew anyone else with it!

Petula With Dean Martin


  1. Is that Dino with Petula? My dad loved Dean Martin and the Golddiggers. We used to watch that show every week.

    I loved Petula Clark. Dusty Springfield too.

  2. I used to watch the Dean Martin show myself, though my memory of it is fairly faded. Don't recall Petula being on it. I remember collapsing desks and other pratfalls, not who exactly he sang with! I've read that it was a pretty successful show in it's time.


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