Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My Xmas Inspirations

What Inspires Me?

  1. Reindeer who don't get drunk and insist on driving Every Christmas.

  2. Great songs.

  3. Women's behinds.

  4. Women's fronts.

  5. Character of older women's faces. (What am I, anyway?)

  6. Dogs that are kind to children and old people.

  7. Anybody that's kind to children and old people.

  8. Anybody that's kind to me.

  9. People who don't let their dogs bark until kingdom come!

  10. Poets out of the blue.

  11. A handjob at any time.

  12. Is this thirteen yet?

  13. I keep losing track because this is an "ordered" list and all I can see are the opening tag <li> and the closing tag </li>

  14. Fug.

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