Monday, December 10, 2007

Dr. Zhivago--How'd He Get Here?!

What, no comments today? That's worse than no posts!!! Oh, well, there were two emails I could flirt with, but only slightly. Are there no strangers to be "had"? Ho hum and on we go.

Who remembers Dr. Zhivago's love for his wife and his mistress in the movie? At the time, I wasn't very sympathetic; I thought he should just dump one and get on with it. Sitting around these days with neither wife nor mistress, I heartily admire his predicament and his inability to purge his heart of either one.


  1. Zhivago was before my time. That's one more to add to my video store 'To Rent' list.

  2. But being a true contributor to the Revolution he should've shared one with a fellow countryman...

  3. Shit on that! Being a true contributor, he should've shared with ME! I'd take the blonde any day! Even if Julie Christie had been defiled by that wretch Rod Steiger, she was still hot!

  4. Who cares about the two women? I was in love with Omar Sharif.

    My favorite Julie Christie film was "Don't Look Now" with Donald Sutherland. But only for the love scene - one of the hottest ever.

    Sorry I haven't been around in awhile. I'm just now getting caught up on my reading.

  5. Omar Sharif, how'd he get here? I notice that he's back to playing desert Arabs in his advanced age! He's probably glad to have the work!

    Yeah, I admired the love scene in "Don't Look Now". Made me like the whole movie so much that now I could probably watch it on TV, where for God-knows-what-reason they'd probably cut the fuck scene. (Will television never mature and tell the goddamn children to go to bed at night?)


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