Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Written On A Napkin


Squibble and squabble, tibble and topple,
Everything's going on and nothing!
Bush won't stay off the airwaves
Or get off the dime or even get a new dime
And everyone else I know has either
Too much or too little character
And perpetually hangs around here too long!
So where's that at?

Go and call Dr. Phil, he'll tell you,
Tell it loud, make you proud to be
A famous fuckup prick on his TV show
For 15 minutes, not longer.
You went in beating your children
And came out with Dr. Phil paying your psycho bills--
It's not a bad deal, I'd say,
For a demented degenerate loser skunk like you are!

1st draft: 05/03/06
©2006 Ronald C. Southern

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