Monday, May 29, 2006

Noble Nobius Hard At Work

Currently in print with various poets (including myself) are two issues of Calliope Nerve with nice poems, smartass sayings, and Wisdom Of The Ages. They are Paper issues, put forth by Nobius at White Rabbit-Black Hole. Write to him if your're interested and give him your mailing address.

He says: "Simply for the asking get the collaborative poetry and lit microzine Calliope Nerve issues I and II. Email your address to nobius AT (no attachments please).

The debut issues feature works by Sheila Murphy, Billy Jno Hope, J.D. Nelson, James Dilworth, Ron Southern, and many more.

Now accepting submissions of unpublished and previously published works but again no attachments please/subject line Calliope Nerve submission.

Calliope Nerve is an ongoing zine featuring innovative short lit and poetry of all styles. Poetry is the air we breathe and the blood in our veins. All of our words are our children, God is in the ink."

He'll mail copies until he runs out of money or blood or ink, I imagine!

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