Friday, May 19, 2006


I'm so mean and vulgar, I should just be killed with a ball-peen hammer. I'll say anything in a fit of pique. This is how I avoid fist-fights, I guess, doing this. Is it a good idea? It is, now that I can't fight at all! Well, I hardly ever did have to fight, but I used to be perfectly willing to get in someone's face and make them think I would. I suppose there were a number of times that I escaped fights only because the other guy backed down or calmed me down. Oh well, I don't want to fight anyone right now. I don't even want to be mean and vulgar. So I don't know why I do it. It's pique and temper, I guess. Maybe that's why I'm so sick; it's just God slapping me down for being rotten. Jeez, doesn't he have anything better to do? The world's a bigger mess than I can make of it, I'm sure! Say, aren't there some totalitarian dictators that you should be filleting or roasting right now?! Surely, there are.

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