Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Catching Up With The World

It's the weekend, and nobody's blogging much, not even me. This little bit hardly counts! There's a few mad hatters awake on the Blogger Help Group, or so it seems. They may only be yapping, and not awake at all! I don't feel too awake myself. I'm at home fighting with the DSL and my new computer--cheap, but new! It has more buttons than a gymnasium full of teenage girls, and I haven't punched half of them yet! Everything looks funny, though I'll get used to it someday. I keep thinking I'll access a file or two before I recall I'm on the wrong computer! I'll need to get a new device (maybe USB storage device?) in order to transfer my files. All my old stuff's on 5.4 floppies, but this rig doesn't have a floppy drive! Such drives are out of fashion. Okay, but it'll take me some time and maneuvers before I can catch up with the world!
p.s. Okay, okay, so I can't keep my numbers straight! What difference does it make now that the 5.25" floppies are so defunct to anybody who doesn't have the old computers? I don't even know what day it is; but I'm retired, so it's not often required, dammit!

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