Sunday, May 28, 2006

Screw Me Some More, Mr. Yahoo

I recently made arrangements for high speed Internet access through AT&T/Yahoo and it has been a curious boon. The high speed access has been great, but this major corporation bundles it with options that I wouldn't offer to my worst enemy! The sons of bitches are so proud of their entity that they have me signed IN to it and signed OUT of the regular yahoo account that I already had emails and addresses in. I slithered through their morass of non-therapeutic crap until I found a screen where you could upload your old email stuff from half a dozen or more OTHER companies, including AOL but excluding their own former entity where my emails are! In short, they provided more convenience to completely foreign companies that they did to their own cohort!!! How stupid is that? Very, I think.

Oh, sure, I ended up talking to them on the phone and they had this nifty explanation about how I hadn't clicked the right buttons while signing up for the obfuscating son of a bitch. I believe that, I understand it because I make mistakes. What I don't understand is why there were no good explanations of those boxes that LET me indicate the wrong thing! They ask you obscure-sounding questions while you're in the midst of signing up for a new service that's already intimidating enough, and it's my fucking fault for clicking the wrong box? I told the nice young lady on the phone that I didn't want any more explanation about it, that all of old Yahoo and all of the new Yahoo put together were not worth the aggravation they were causing me. I told her if I happened to accidentally figure out how to follow her instructions at some future date, that would just be manna from heaven.

They are lucky there is no simple way for the public to easily click the right box and send them all to hell, because that's one thing I can guarantee would SOON be done! Yeah, the lady on the phone may be nice, but the buggers who run the company and write the Internet scripts are all a bunch of unapprehended Ken Lays. (They're all so sweet and so honest and wouldn't do anybody any harm...yet everything they turn out is crap!)

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