Thursday, May 04, 2006

A Quick Book At The Library

Biology Major

I went to the library one day for a quick book or two and before I left, I met this wonderfully charming young woman in line to check out. She was there with her little boy (about 6 or 8, I guess). He seemed like a nice kid, too. That was the problem—she was so young, perhaps her twenties. She, too, was just a kid. But very friendly and very charming.

I must say I yearned for her acquaintance, even if only perhaps to see her again at the library. Maybe her charm would wear off quickly, but it didn’t so far. She said she was a biology major at Mosquito University, had lately been reading about things like parapsychology. Woop, what do I care about stuff like that?

Her kid was checking out science books (ecology, for one, and a picture book on fish) for his summer reading. Where do such inquisitive kids come from here in Podunk, Texas?

Ah, well, the torpid observations of an ever-failing dirty old man. I’m still here, but I never saw her a second time. Women who aren't very glad to see me seem to come out of the woodwork, though.

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