Thursday, May 18, 2006

Gentle Dialog

"I know you'll be gentle when you fuck me," she said.

Her voice was sweet. She caressed the back of his neck gently. He smiled and nodded.

"I'll fuck you til you can't say fuck," he thought cruelly.

And when he'd finally lulled her into closing her eyes and opening her legs, he jammed himself inside of her and fucked her so hard that her body jerked convulsively back and forth on the bed. Her head was pounded mercilessly against the wall behind her. Her tears flowed so fast that she thought she'd gone blind. She wanted him to stop, more than anything, of course, but his viciousness, combined with his weight on top of her, had completely overwhelmed her; she couldn’t make herself speak, she couldn't say "Stop!"

She laid there like a senseless thing, relaxing her legs and buttocks, moaning and sighing, letting him fuck her any damn way he wanted to. He thought she liked it. She thought she hated him worse than poison, but didn’t have the spit to say so. It would be a long night, no matter how soon he stopped.

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