Wednesday, May 03, 2006

On The Brink

I was on the brink just now of getting my Sandisk device installed, but I'm told that I need to load a driver on the old machine and somehow the CD drive won't even open the door! I could scream. I can't move any files, after all. My nephew might fix it, but not this instant; he's at work. The CD player always worked when I didn't give a damn, but now it chooses to die when I won't even need it but this one last time! I can still play on this new computer and DSL, but I wanted to move those files. I thought it would happen NOW! Fat chance. I may just plug it in, but I have no reason to think it has files in it that will recognize it. I barely recognize it. I didn't even know which end was which until I pulled on the device and was surprised to see which end had a plastic cover that came off. I ain't smart enough or alert enough for all this tribulation. I'm sick and get dizzy easily and angry even easier!!!

Send money, guns, and lawyers--I need all the help I can get!

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