Sunday, May 14, 2006

Did You Say It Sucks ?

Yes, it sucks. What does it suck, though? My own bad-tempered answer used to be that sometimes it sucks a dick. Maybe a donkey dick if I was really mad! Or “sucks shit through a straw”. That was a good one. Those were the direct dirty images I heard when I was growing up and learning it in the gutter. Your momma didn’t know!

Now my momma hears it all the time. The people who use it on the TV sitcoms and in polite company these days don't seem to mean anything like that, I guess, though they never, never specify. It’s all been whitewashed and watered down and toned down and has turned to mushy meal in their feeble mouths. ALL meaning seems to be gone. Maybe most of them are younger than I am and think it's a charming antiquity that means only "sucks the dirt from a vacuum cleaner hose" or something innocuous like that? Oh, is THAT what it means? I DON’T THINK SO! Bunch of nitwits!

I don't mind people using an obscenity to make their point, I just mind them using it like it's not an obscenity and I mind their not HAVING a point! For most modern users, it’s an obscurity, and they’re damn proud to use it that way and for it not to mean anything! I can’t say how much I regret all the simpering know-nothing bastards that have taken control of the world these days! I hate their miserable guts. I think they suck. I want the purity of my familiar guttersnipe world back!

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