Monday, July 30, 2007

Long Short Story About A Sex Trick

It's hard to find a single good pic, but this will do.

The Trick

is a long short story at Dogger Gatsby's Blues. It is long, serious, with comedic sex and wild romantic attachments. It might make your belly shake with laughter or it might make you vomit in your mouth. It is not brand new, but it is well-honed and was long aborning. There are many things in it that make it a favorite of mine, including a personal view of the statues of Littlefield Fountain on the campus of UT at Austin. You never can tell what people will like. I like heroic sculpture; so sue me.

Though it is too long for casual perusal, I add it to Dogger Gatsby's Blues just trying to get all my longer fiction in one place. Maybe 3 or 4 of my friends will read it when they retire. Or maybe I will, and admire myself!


  1. I don't know whether to blush or brag. Maybe both? Welcome, at any rate!

  2. Waitaminute! How'd a healthy person like you connect to me? Mine is a blog of ill health.

  3. Hey Rat. My computer crashed and lost everything. Got a new one and still have same addy.Oklahoma and the geese are still perking.
    Goosekind (mary gawlas)


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