Sunday, July 01, 2007

Foreign Language Surprise

I didn't retain it for long, so I don't know what it was. I mean by that that someone left me a comment in Spanish (which I do not speak). I deep-sixed it, though not without first trying the Babel Fish translator program on it. It was, as is usual with the translator program, about half-nonsense. I thought it might have been some poetry, though I think the damn translator just has that effect when it doesn't do a good job. Anyway, I didn't know what it was about or who had sent it; it might have been genuine and sincere, but I treated it as a suspicious package and "blew it up". I mean by that, it never got past the "moderator" step. Hope I didn't kill off Spain or Mexico's most famous poet. If I did, though, what damn business did they have writing to me?! If they're so smart, can't they tell that I'm unstable?!

You have to consider these things carefully, Dude.



  1. Strangely enough, I just deleted a comment tonight, though not quite for the same reason.

    Someone seemed to be writing to my site as if I were Sam Hamill, the poet I was discussing.

    When I tried to explain, the address given turned out to be invalid (big surprise there).

  2. I would have given the comment the ax as well.

  3. Sometimes one encounters Twilight Zone theme music in the background around here (the Internet)!


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