Friday, July 20, 2007

Revolving Doors of Thought

Handwritten Remarks Transcribed
By Dogger Gatsby

Sometimes I wish I could be with someone I like as much as I like you. Don't ask me how I arrived at this thought, it may not be explicable. I was thinking about those photos of your husband with the grandbaby and noticing how very gray his hair has gotten. I guess no one will suspect him any more of being out with his mother! It never meant anything, but your hair turned gray before any of us. It's strange to say that even your husband (of whom I once must have been very jealous) makes me like you more. As big a fuckup as I am in life, I'm glad to know you ended up with someone almost as sensible as you. I would never have turned out, would never have worked or fit in. I know you know it, I just have to remind myself that I know it, too. It's a shame, but it's undeniable. I'm barely fit for the depraved and isolated life I lead. How could anyone possibly be attractive these days? How could I be? Nothing will work out, I know that. How could I not know it?


  1. So stop it...before you convince yourself it has to be that way.

  2. Who are you talking to? Dogger's been dead 10 or 11 years now. That's Dogger, not blogger!

  3. I once knew and fell in love with somebody just like that - around age 18. Dogger was right - it would have been wrong!

    Dogger was a wise old bird though!
    I bet many people can relate.

  4. Now that's more to the point!


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