Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Where's my Thank You, Masked Man for today? I must have it!

I'll get sullen if I'm left to my own devices! My eating will decline. Any of you need this magic cookie? It's not doing me any good. I eat more and am at my ideal weight, I'm told, but I remain anemic.

I wonder if I'm pissed off yet?


  1. I know you're a quirky Aquarian, Ron - but even I (another one of them) sometimes have difficulty understanding...Masked Man? Magic cookie?

    Can we have subtitles, perhaps?

    (No I haven't dumped himself yet. He's still on his best behaviour... 3 years down the line! Is this a record?)

  2. Steak. Daily steak.

    And always chocolate.

    My dream diet and I am definitely not at my ideal weight.

    Hope you find a way to health soon.

  3. Cricket: Chocolate has a reduced appeal when you're diabetic and stick to it. Not many no-sugar concoctions are all that good. A few are. I try not to worry too much about finding them, though.

    Twilight: Maybe you're too young to remember the comedian Lenny Bruce? He had a lengthy comedy routine about the Lone Ranger and one of the jokes in it was that he always ran away at the end of each tv episode so that he didn't have to be embarrassed by another Thank You from the happy townspeople. Bruce's explanation for that, though, was that the Masked Man was afraid he'd get addicted to those "Thank You"'s and would come around wanting them even if he hadn't done anything that day to deserve them!

    If you'd ever heard enough of Lenny Bruce to appreciate the lunacy of his humor, you'd appreciate it. But don't give him any Thank You, Masked Mans!! Bruce was enough of a junkie as it was!

  4. Oh, the magic cookie; I used to read a lot of Dan O'Neill underground comics. I'm not even sure he understood it! But that's where it's from! If you can't bear not knowing, we'll just have to confine you to the Mush Room where people get their memories and good sense extracted!

  5. I didn't get it either, but I started my comedy education with Brother Dave Gardner about 1965, just before Bruce kicked off.

    "Mush room"...reckon that's where Mushy gets his memories?

  6. Me, too, Mushy, (for brother Dave), but haven't you ever heard of records and CD's? I have a couple of vinyl recordings over there even now, though It's not like I pull them out of the shelf any more!

    There's the movie Lenny, but I don't think the Lone Ranger bit was used in the movie because it was probably too lengthy a bit.

  7. I told you to stop cavorting with those vampirettes, their kinda' fun just ain't good for you..

    Iron tablets will make you constipated, but at least you'll have more enery to push..

  8. I already take iron pills and it doesn't do nuthin' to my bowels. I unload at will (and sometimes more).

  9. Ah - I see! thank you kindly for the explanation, Ron!

    I know of Lenny Bruce but I'm not familiar with his routines - he didn't make the big-time in England for some reason. I'm not too young though (sadly!) I remember Jack Benny, Bob Hope, even the 3 Stooges (at the movie matinees). My American humour/humor encyclopedia is being upgraded bit by bit. :-)


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