Monday, July 09, 2007


Hey, I can't live with only 1 remark (comment) a day! I don't even care if it's snotty as long as you're not anonymous! I know how to clean up and how to fight dirty, too. But it's a bit too clean around here at present. Bah!


  1. You need to add more sex again!

  2. When was there ever any good sex around here?! Ask anyone, it's all a flaccid fuckup around here. There, you see, I did it again; probably alienated whoever was left--all 20 of them. Of course it may take a week or two before the full complement has read this. I guess I can holler "Fuck 'em all!" for a while before anyone gets here but you. Maybe I'll delete all this 30 minutes from now; maybe I won't.

  3. Sorry baby, I'm back and for what it's worth, I'm staying! xx


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