Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Pretty Good Ones

The Best Of Old Blog Posts

Those of you who whoosh through here and maybe never reach or notice the bottom of the sidebar may have not yet noticed that I have reinstated my "Pretty Good Ones" list of posts.

I got rid of it some months ago because it occupied so much space in the sidebar and because it began to seem like a lot of work. Presenting the list in the current fashion occupies far less space. Of course, all old posts are already findable among the Archives, I reasoned, but now I'm thinking once again that this way is better. Or maybe it's just that I need some busy work to keep my fingers, nose, and toes busy. No idle fripperies or foolishness allowed around here!

Leading You By The Nose

Since not all my old posts are even coherent, much less golden, this is my way of leading you by the nose to the best of the older ones. I prefer this very much to the lists I've seen on some blogs where it's merely the "previous ten blogs" being listed—that seems silly, especially when at any given moment my previous ten may be of very inconsistent quality. In any case, those ten are already easily accessible through just paging down or clicking around in the Archives.

I've never been sure how many readers ever get around to reading older posts when they discover a blog they like. I used to read all of the past blogs when I discovered a good blog that was new to me. As I've gotten to the point of having more blogs (30-35) that I read regularly, I have less time to read new blogs all at once. So, no more swallowing the whole thing at once! I now vary how many old posts I read from a new blog, though ideally I would sometimes like to read more of the old ones. Some of you may suffer from similar time constraints.

Who Reads What and What For?

Anyway, the "Pretty Good Ones" is a sort of showcase where I list some of the best for those of you who have too much or too little time on your hands. I really can't decide whether this is good for you or bad for you, or good or bad for me. But here it is. Just because they're listed doesn't mean you have to read any. At the same time, they never hog all the sidebar space any more like a worthless pig would do.

If you want to play, start reading at the top of the list because the ones on top will mostly be removed when newer ones are added to the bottom. I'll try to hold the list down to 20. (Meaning, that's as much busy work as I can handle!) I'll try to stick to the rules. But many are the times I failed.

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