Saturday, March 19, 2005

Intuitions (Darley’s Dilemma)

In the image you reside
No more than I can know you;
In these pages I confide
What cannot be quite true.

The image in the glass reveals
The price I have to pay; within me
And without I feel alone, yet
Love to see the moon reflect the day.

Now in these pages how explain
The reasons why I need to know?
The patterns traced by footfalls in the rain
Designate our places in the pain and in the show,

But in the glass reflections turn our heads
Away from what we wish to know.
I look into the pool and see
Round features overfed.

Now heads we do not dare to lift
Stare down at frozen feet—
In moving flame the scene will shift
And so we shuffle to the street.

The empty lane is full of us
Though we remain unfound;
I hear this crying in the sleeve
But hear no other sound.

In crimson glow the image flickers back and forth,
And turns our courage to a doubt;
Now though I sit and ponder if I know you,
I know I only wait to see your fire burn out.

Now if we cannot stand to be alone,
Where will we turn? Our strength has
Worn our weakness thin, our courage
Brought all patience to an end.

In the mirror I observe the
Figure’s form of life to come
And pray that what I most deserve will
Teach me truth or let my soul be numb.

(Oh, fling the cloth into the dust
And everything I say mistrust!)

4th draft: 03/19/05

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