Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Send In The Clowns

Who Were They Expecting, Bob Hope?

I don't watch Jon Stewart very regularly, but I did see him on Crossfire last week and I have to give him credit—he's the only person on the planet to actually get on one of those obnoxious TV "news" talk shows and call them out for all their sins, foremost of them being, I think, pretending to be journalists of some kind.

It was funny how Tucker Carlson turned EVEN MORE into what he was being accused of! It seemed he wanted to criticize Stewart for BEING funny and for NOT BEING funny. I believe he wanted to shoot the treacherous bastard! Tucker does not suffer criticism gladly, does he? Begala sat there like a slug and seemed stunned that he wasn't the liberal comedian's closest friend and ally, that he too was The Enemy!

I saw Stewart's little talk about it at the start of his own show this week and he seemed appropriately gleeful about the whole thing. Maybe that'll be the end of the stupid idea of bringing comics on the air as "relevant" guests for political talk shows. They did indeed forget to bring the lawyers in and make Stewart sign the "I will be the Funny Funky Monkey" pledge. Lord, it was all worth it to me, though, to hear them all yelling "butt-boy" and "dick". Only the words "cretin assholes" were missing, though the real thing was not.
Quote of the day: "Goodbye for now—I'm Wolf Blitzer and you'll be seeing more of me later today. In fact you'll be seeing more of me than you do of the news. That's because tapes of me are cheap and real news is expensive!"
The quote above may have been misheard as "Won't Get Fooled Again" by The Who was playing loudly in the background on a small portable radio suffering from total harmonic distortion while he spoke.

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