Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Exterminating The Girl In The Closet

He beat on the steel door of the dorm room with his heavy key ring, doing it loudly as he always did because the students were so often asleep, pretending to be asleep, or otherwise hiding from the world.

"Exterminator!" Johnathan automatically hollered. A young man with no shirt answered the door.

"Alright if I spray your room?" Johnathan added.

The young man looked confused, but nodded. Johnathan thought little of it; so many of them looked confused that he no longer wondered why. If a college student looked besotted, it could be anything—sex, drugs, alcohol, all-night studying, poker games, computer games, trying to sleep straight through the next two days worth of mealtimes until their parents' next check could reach them. They very often forgot about the extermination schedule and looked at him at if he was an alien from a space ship when he arrived.

"This'll just take a couple of minutes," Johnathan told the young man, brushing past him at the first hint of an affirmative nod.

"Oh. Okay," mumbled the young man. Johnathan was already halfway around the first room, spraying as he went.

The second room wasn't occupied, so Johnathan decided to take advantage of this rare opportunity to spray the crevices all around the metal clothes closet. He pushed the sliding door to the right and aimed his spray wand at the narrow crevice between the metal walls and the false bottom of the closet, spraying from left to right. As he got to the far right side of the closet he became aware of an object. It was difficult to see since there was little light in the room and he hadn't bothered to get his flashlight out of his pocket. He had a vague impression of it being just another one of the store mannequins the boys sometimes stole from God-knows-where and kept in their rooms. One located in an ROTC closet had once nearly given him a heart attack. So at this one, he just shrugged and stopped spraying; he never sprayed poison on objects that he couldn't identify or see well, so he slid the closet door shut.

"Wait, what was that?" his brain questioned him.

It had just dawned on him that while he was going through his ritual in the usual way—that is, rapidly and like an automaton—the mannequin had moved! Freaky, freaky!

He opened the door again and took a better look. Sure enough, it was a naked girl, shrunk back against the farthest dimly lit corner of the closet, apparently trying to make herself small or possibly disappear altogether. She was shapely, but pneumatic, and had a paleness that seemed to have a slight light of its own there in the dim metallic closet. Her face, breasts, and crotch were pressed firmly into the corner of the closet, but she couldn't disappear. Her white legs and the ample curve of her bottom were becoming more visible as his eyes adjusted to the light. As soon as he realized how uncomfortable the young girl must be, Johnathan sighed and slid the door shut again without a word. He'd only stared at her so long because it had been so peculiar. WHY had the boy let him come in and see the college girl like this? He hastily finished spraying and at the door turned toward the young man.

"Don't be such a fool next time. You don't have to let maintenance workers in your dorm room, you know. But you do have to speak up and answer, Yes or No!"

The boy looked off to the side in miserable but inexpressive confusion. He nodded again. Johnathan wasn't sure whether the boy knew which way was up, much less what Johnathan was telling him. Maybe the fool was already trying to think of how to explain this to his girlfriend.

Maybe he was thinking he'd be lucky if he ever got to sleep with her! Then again, maybe he'd end up rolling her right into bed. She was already naked, after all, and she did need consoling. There's no telling what might excite some people.

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