Friday, September 24, 2004

My Cousin

Thinking About Dumping Southern Exposure AND My Cousin

My cousin JW thinks I should write a post every day and pesters me about it from time to time. I'm uncertain how he arrived at this notion. It's hard—in fact, impossible at times—to write a post every day. I cheat, I fudge, I post something insignificant very late in the day. Some days I just refuse to do it. I have something good in the works that I had been thinking was meant for Southern Exposure, but I'm tending more and more toward the notion of just letting that web site lapse. So, I can't decide where to publish it at present.

Glancing at the code for Southern Exposure just now, it sure does seem like a lot of trouble and it requires tricks that it's hard for me to remember how I did them! I find I'm not much interested any more in any of those features except for the articles and some of the poems. It was challenging at first, now it's work. I would really rather write than decorate. As aggravating as Blogger is, it's less trouble to work here, as long as I'm not trying to be fancy.

Well, I confuse myself. You can vote on it in my comments or via email, as long as you keep in mind that your vote doesn't count for much. There aren't many of you, so there's not much liklihood of an overwhelming majority of any sort.

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