Saturday, September 25, 2004

Hey, UPS, “Brown” Is Not A Pleasant Name!

Stupid TV Commercials

Some people, no matter how highly-placed, just do really stupid things. Like, how much sense does it make that UPS keeps trying to change it’s perfectly good (and more importantly, well-known) name to their silly nickname, Brown. I keep wanting to holler at them, yeah, I know what’s brown, dummies, and most of it is crap. Crap is brown, you corporate executive dumbshits! Like the guys who changed the taste of Coke, these corporate bozos at UPS are determined to enforce their haphazard wills on the general public and throw away their good name in the process. They must be complete morons, and I'm sick of hearing about it!

No big deal, let's just kill them. What's wrong with that, I ask you?

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