Thursday, September 30, 2004

Further Elusive Three-Dollar Hat Details

Some of you may recall how back on July 21 I cried overmuch about “The Elusive Three-Dollar Hat”. I couldn’t find any new ones at Wal-Mart in the cheap-ass style to which I've grown accustomed. I finally got around to buying a $1.22 can of spray starch so that I could wash the oldest of the two light-colored hats and see how it'd work. I starched it, ironed it, and though it doesn’t quite look new, it does look very good.

Maybe it'll look better when I've learned how to iron a hat better and a little faster. But this one's clean, most of the wrinkles gone, presentable in society. Well, low society, anyway. I wasn’t expecting to be dressed in a tux and go to a Fundraiser any time soon. Now I can wash the other one and give it the same treatment. Being newer, it may fare even better. But in this case, I'm going to be nicer—give it a hand wash instead of a machine wash. I’ll be ever so gentle, except for a small shot of bleach in the mix to make it easier getting that yellow stain out of the headband area.

Hopefully these hats will last until I can find some other kind I like. But what a lot of trouble for the care and feeding of a damn $3 hat! Think I should get a $4 hat next time? Or should I just get a brown hat that would never look dirty? Decisions, decisions...

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