Sunday, May 24, 2009

Overheard in a Denny's Late At Night

Dry Conversation

"Well, I have to admit," Roger said, "that it's easier to be a Big Snot from an Internet distance than it is to be friendly from an Internet distance."

"Oh, yeah?" Jennie grinned. "Is that why you bury your head in your blog and try to be rude to everyone?"

"As fast as I can!" Roger nodded.

"How fast is that?" Jenny asked. "I don't see you breaking a sweat."

"Since my stroke last year, it's been hard to hurry anywhere. But on the blog, no one can tell how slowly I hurry!"

"Maybe they infer it. Maybe they're reading between the lines."

"If any of them bothered to do that," Roger smirked, "I might become A Better Man! Or maybe I'd put on more of a show!"

"You don't know how to act." Jenny shook her head.

"I'm a bastard, but not an insincere one, huh?"


  1. Being one who considers the vast majority of humans rotters, I hugely prefer the Internet for communication, as I don't have to smell halitosis and can tell exactly how illiterate the other person is. I am finding this to be my pseudonymous medium of choice.

  2. Guess you came to the right place! Now if only I were a productive member of society and not a weasel, you could feel comfortable about the whole thing!


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