Saturday, May 16, 2009

Heavy and Weak

Wheel On Fire!

I wrote about how heavy and hard to lift
Everything in life has gotten now,
All the ordinary everyday items,
Like the shirt buttons I can barely grasp sometimes,
A pair of blue jeans being the worst of the weighty surprises,
But the leaden bed covers remain
More embarrassing than any other
When I nearly can't get up out of bed—
Thank God warmer weather is coming.

I think it was careless to say it to her,
Almost cruel, but i had written and said
How heavy everything was, how tiring.
Why I needed to tell her I don't even know.
I just needed to tell, so I blabbered
And now it's done.
I should have kept it to myself.
Maybe there would have been some reward in heaven for it,
But all the things that I do are such useless things,
All this writing, all this typing, all this trying,
All this breathing just to breed more germs.
A poem's a poem in your or any other land,
But this is Disneyland.
This is not precisely where reality obtains a grip
Or where desire has ever obtained an object
That burns and rolls and yet inspires.

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