Sunday, May 24, 2009

Life Goes on

Life's been hard,
But what the fuck did you expect?
Time goes traipsing by and treads on you
And tramples you in the mud and breaks your arms and leg
And ruins your grin, but doesn't kill you yet.
Ain't it wonderful how Life goes on?


  1. Well, shucks sheriff! You done brightened me up one minute, then depressed me the next!

    I guess, after all's said and done, life IS like that flippin' box of chocolates - but we've got down to those last few nasty ones that nobody wants, so we have to chew on 'em and be thankful.

  2. Pretty much. I used to hate blueberry-flavored muffins or anything else. Now when I let myself sin and buy a box of 6 fruit donuts at Wal-Mart, one of them is always damned blueberry! I've learned, not to prefer it, but how to tolerate it--I no longer feed it to the birds or to passing strangers.


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