Friday, February 13, 2009

Words From on High About Afterthoughts


While answering questions in Blogger Help Group (BHG) just now, I was thinking about all the treasure or credit I must be piling up in heaven or whatever you call the after-life, until it dawned on me that there's probably not all that much credit involved!

It's true that I do this crap for free and that there are many who benefit from it, but I reckon that God knows as well as I do that I'm egotistical and thoroughly getting off on knowing the answers and showing off for this small part of the world! Besides, I know some experts who make me feel like a beginner or a brain-damaged klutz! Not to mention that there's a level of info revealed by an occasional question that I don't even recognize as the milieu in which I've been swimming--then I realize I could easily drown, so I pretend I didn't see THAT question!

Maybe it IS a narrow world of Bloggers, but the world is so big that you could probably take that dismissive tone with most things--politics, show business, religions--every one of them is a narrow world that still does not contain the majority of the earth's inhabitants! You and I are all just afterthoughts to most people in the world! We're all just an accident of karma or timing. We make the planet feel crowded and don't even feel guilty about it.

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