Saturday, February 14, 2009


It seems I've lost all my friends sometimes,
But that's not surprising,
Seeing that I make so little effort
To keep them all fat and happy.
Besides, I lost a lot of them a long time ago.
I guess I've even lost
A large percentage of my Internet Friends,
If it matters—

Those crazy dynamic souls—
I accumulated at long distances,
Yet near I nearly reeled in them like a drunk...
Since I began to blog
And to creep about these creative blogs
Where everyone represents the self alone
In a strange way, supercharged and fierce each one...,
Has it only been a few years since we began?
I suppose that loss isn't surprising, either,
Since they were all strangers to begin with,
Though at times they were numerous and touching.

There were probably never more
Than twenty followers at any one time
And I think the number's been dwindling
Down to five or six for a long time.
So What if I rise up and look down
And say, "Fuck y'all!",
Aside from committing a regionalism,
Will I also finally
Burn the ass or scorch the soul
Of the last loopy loony hanger-on? Oh, well...

It's not that there's no way for me to know all that,
But it's been a long time
Since I haunted my own site meter
In an effort to see if old acquaintances
Have been to visit me secretly!
So, which came first, brothers and sisters,
The "I don't care" or the "I don't know"?
Y'know, it's not that I don't keep any secrets,
But I don't think I share a single one
Anywhere, with anyone, any more...


  1. Crazy, maybe. Dynamic, not so much.

    I don't always comment, but frying my computer couldn't even keep me away for long. You're just that interesting (unique, quirky, idiosyncratic perhaps?)

  2. Hello, Ghost. You still here?


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