Friday, February 06, 2009

Go On, Rub It In!

I may be stiff-backed,
But what would be wrong with a little stiffie
And maybe a little soft poon (or was that porn?)
To go along with it???
Things sneak up on us
Without even being very subtle,
Not to mention that things sneak away from us, too,
Unbuttered, unkept, and uncouth—
And that's the worst of all.
It's bad enough to keep losing track of old friends
Without all of them declining to rub it in anymore!


  1. Poon (noun): any large Indo-Malayan evergreen tree of the genus Calophyllum.

    Now you're making no sense whatsoever. :)

  2. Also, a diminutive of poontang, a fabulous bush which men go at the full moon and hide and have great sex.


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